Berry processing in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Products: fruit drinks, syrup, jam from local wild strawberries and blackberries

Fresh and freshly frozen strawberries and blackberries

The capacity of the juice market in the region is more than 7 million tons per year.

Key project indicators:

  • Low cost of production, only local raw materials;
  • Increase in incomes for rural population;
  • Creation of export-oriented production in the region;
  • Ecofriendly of production.

Quick freezing vegetables

The consumption of vegetables in the region is 76 kg per capita. The market is represented by imported products. In 2013 The Samartai SKHPK project won the prize as a Young Farmer.

The productivity of the local manufactory is up to 30 tons for a month. All raw materials are local, because The Samartai SKHPK is also a local farmers.

The price for a packet of peeled, chopped frozen potatoes weighing 500 grams is 76 rubles. Beets, carrots – 88 rubles for each.

The main goal of this project is to freeze the purchased raw materials and further transportation to other district markets, also price dumping due to the weak supply of competitors’ products.

The tasks of this project:

  • Implementing of high technologies that can help improving the quality of food;
  • Making new workplaces for local population, especially in the rural;
  • Making a new product as a frozen vegetables with a high a competitive ability of our own production in the republic.

Construction of automatized parking complexes

Sakhaparking LLC builds innovative mechanized parking lots for the needs of locals. For all criterias such as safety, speed, manufacturability, price, this project has no competitors.

Production of thermal insulation material “Ecowool”

Insulation materials are is a high demanded material for a construction of houses in the North.

Ecowool is made from paper waste paper. The idea of ​​business came to Dmitry Soldatov, CEO of Vector LLC, during his work – he had been working in the printing business for a long time ans he noticed that a lot of paper waste remained in the printing house such as technological scraps, adjustment copies. Now “Vector LLC” make new material from recycled waste paper using antiseptics and a flame retardant.

This Ecowool material is suitable for any climate and it is effective not only for thermal insulation of houses, but also for industrial buildings. “The main advantage of ecowool is that it does not have a specific shape. After laying it takes the required size. Therefore people prefer to buy the Ecowool for the construction of commercial buildings. Owners are attracted by its wastelessness and energy-saving properties”, explains Dmitry Soldatov.

Organization of energy-efficient technologies for resource savings

Heat and energy are the main components of a comfortable life especially in northern regions. At the same time the owners of any buildings in the North spend a huge amount of resources and funds for maintenance. This issue is especially important for large enterprises, companies and educational institutions.  AMTEK Plus is a small innovative company of the North-Eastern Federal University, that decided to solve the problems in the sphere of energy. The main aim of the company is to change the lighting system and significantly reducing the cost of maintaining buildings.

Working on reconstruction of Pedagogical Institute building became an important experience for young scientists from AMTEK Plus and gave an opportunity to create  “case”. “The Institute has installed an automatial lighting and energy  consumption monitoring system with a single control room. According to our calculations, we expected to achieve 40% savings and in practice it turned out to achieve it. That case gave us the opportunity to offer our productto our new clients – the installation of this system will pay for itself in three years”, says Petr Skryabin, the CEO of AMTEK Plus.

Creating functions to solve all these problems can be integrated with all the information systems installed in that building. “Theoretically there are no researches describing how much money we can save and how we can make it. Research on the potential for energy resources saving in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) would be relevant. We can offer this topic to our scientists and graduates. From the scientific side out further goal is to finish the development of R&D, commercialize our project, go through the stages of patenting, ”said Peter Skryabin, Head of AMTEC +. The company works in close collaboration with the laboratory of the University, including young scientists from the NEFU.